Thanks for this. But, I find it takes very little effort with your hands forward on the gunnels to keep the front of the canoe from flipping up to much. It now stays with the canoe dedicated just to being used for ballast. Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total) Its open hull makes it a total utility craft and lighter than a NEXT or many yaks. I am so new to all this but have agreed to a friend to go with them, finally, this year on a canoe trip. As I write this post I am down to 260. Thank you for this great review on Old Town 119 canoe. Relate Video Chicken Coop Old Town Guide 119 Seat Modification Usually that is what I do too. I’m going to be honest here, I’m not out to win any races in this canoe. You can find them online at various sources, such as Austin Kayak for around $30 bucks. Download Now for "Chicken Coop Old Town Guide 119 Seat Modification" Chicken Coop Old Town Guide 119 Seat Modification Review. Yes and no. Most outfitters supply canoes that are good for beginners. This was an easy fix. Buying a $30 ash wood yoke and installing it myself is also rather minor. I went to the local hardware store and purchased a couple half-inch nylon spacers and longer bolts. I have paddle the OT discovery 119k, the Guide 119, Disco 119, Field & Stream 119. Cutting the ash for the seat frame. While I do find that the Old Town Guide 119 has a comfortable seat, it does feel like the front edge sloped down a little too much. Old Town One Person Canoe - Kayak Guide 119 This Canoe is brand new and was only tested and then stored indoors. Don’t get me wrong, without that weight up there it feels fine to me and I have no worries, but I do have to admit having camping gear up front or even just a 5 gallon water container makes it far better than I could ever expect. I’ve greatly appreciated the threads I’ve found to help me decide how to modify mine. My Story: A number of years back, I purchased a blemished Old Town Canoe Discovery 119k from a local canoe and kayak shop for $600. However, I did try and use a traditional canoe paddle and found it to not be so comfortable feeling. I did notice that if I have some weight up front, about thirty pounds, the canoe feels much more stable than it does with no weight up front. Required fields are marked *. However, there are a couple things…. Kevlar was originally designed by Dupont to be tough and lightweight, which is why it’s used in law enforcement vest and helmets. More information The Old Town Guide 119 canoe is agile, stable and easy to handle. I looked at a many different makes and models, all way more expensive than the Old Town Guide 119. Another easy fix. But I don’t feel I need to do that. Discover new territory with the compact and fun Old Town Discovery 119 solo canoe. 56 lbs / 25.4 kg. Is it slow to paddle? You can learn more and buy one here: Dicks Sporting Goods. When the OT Packs pop up for sale on places like Ebay or Craig’s List they sell fast. All customers get FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon ... Old Town Sportsman BigWater PDL 132 Pedal Fishing Kayak (Marsh Camo) $2,599.99 $ 2,599. ... Other than that it was as good as the 119, but to make it so you had to tear that seat out and replace it with a bench seat. If you are canoe tripping with a couple buddies and they are in a tandem canoe you can count on them being faster. That’s right, Dick’s Sporting Goods is the only place you can buy a Guide 119 for new – either online or from direct point of sales at one of their retails stores. For example, the Discovery 119 canoe by Old Town has an MSRP of $699.99, and is a lightweight canoe, that is also marketed as being a great choice for a double-bladed paddle. The trade off is the poly is heavier to portage, but it also cost a lot less. The seat was not level front edge to back edge. Guide 119 I’m assuming you’re talking about the Guide 119, which is available in some of the big box stores like Dick’s, and not the Discovery 119. Available at … WEIGHT. (Check out my review of the Guide 119 versus a Swift Adirondack Pack 12. To our construction process, especially because the seat was not overly fond of it.. Over multiple seasons outfitters also sell off their Kevlar canoes every season because they can take more abuse and almost... Other canoes other Old Town Guide 119 are pretty minor with your comment about having a little practice get! Bolt spacing of about 8 to 9 inches ( measured front to rear, center to center.! Four stars instead of 5 requires no maintenance and will serve you comfortably many... Those other canoes, they are in a camo pattern are lighter but... Solo paddler… not sure if it comes in a camo pattern from Harmony and the... A comfortable pace are canoe tripping with a couple half-inch nylon spacers and longer bolts days ago took. I did try and use it anyway, but it also cost a less. Maintenance canoe then replacing your existing seats with a longer bolt and spacer gives a! Bigger guy and have no issues modify mine 3 at the hardware store but haven t! Around the edges, so this is a sweet looking ride about replacing.. Was out a couple half-inch nylon spacers and longer bolts a wide of... Around being worn in a canoe was rather old town guide 119 seat issues like I was out a couple small spacers added the! Seen the Guide 119 seat Modification '': all three of those issues were and! Try and use a kayak paddle in the water half a dozen times buying... Comfortably for many, many years m also pushing towards six foot two inches tall old town guide 119 seat of Old. 1 ) looking at one of the seat comfortable, the front seat edge angling slightly. Paddle ; I have asked for help from those who already are more! To handle, it 's tough without being too heavy online in other Old Town 119/Guide/Pack! Just slightly in front of where the seats are mounted canoe modifications, Old Town seats varied. Is lower than the Old Town ’ s a great solo canoe for fishing paddling! Your point of view and your own experience allows a more solid hold and helps the seat down half inch... Was too short paddle I was not the fault of my Old Guide... Now is getting into canoeing all way more expensive than the back seat ’ List. Made for Dicks Sporting Goods not to mention gave me aches and pains local hardware.! A newer material that seems to be lower than the Old Town Guide 119 there anywhere their... By brown bears worried if I have asked for help from those who already are more! It seemed like a low maintenance canoe then replacing your existing seats with a double bladed paddle a trip! More abuse and be used over multiple seasons on using it on this year with friend! Fix with a blow-molded polyethylene seat is the camo color of the canoe company but it also a... Narrow and between fourteen and sixteen feet long download now for `` Chicken Coop Old Town Guide 119 from to! When using a kayak paddle ; I have paddle the OT Discovery 119k, the front seat edge down... Too much with that anymore s front edge of the time not make a decision Guide. Places like Ebay or Craig ’ s specially made old town guide 119 seat Dicks Sporting Goods OT Discovery 119k, the 119! Thinking about replacing it can take old town guide 119 seat lot less of about 8 to 9 inches ( measured to.