We’re very sorry to hear that and hope you ar... Toyota Auris owners – 12 volt flat batteries. Gethin, the technical team have stated that there was an update for x-nav in April, with such releases normally being twice a year. We have run this past our technical team and unfortunately iPhone 5C and 5S are both not compatible with AppInCar at present. Therefore, the ergonomic design is good, but the dashboard's classy styling can't make you forget about the overall simplicity dominating the car's interior. Just to clarify, the phone work via bluetooth but not via AppIncar, so we cant use the phone Apps such as navigation. Free postage. I could have bought an X-nav and had it all built in. Thank you for your reply. The customer support person who I spoke with was patronising, talked nonsense and kept apologising. No one is taking any notice. Absolutely not. Hi Celine, By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Christopher Cox says: ... my last car was a toyota Aygo Go with built in tom tom which displayed speed limit for the area i was driving in,also my calculated speed im doing & when i went over the speed limit it would alert me ,the toyota touch & go isn`t a patch on Also, the seats are surprisingly comfortable and won't abuse your back not even on longer trips, but as you work hard the 1.0-liter mill, the noise will find its way inside the cockpit. After more research I managed to cross reference it with a Citroen C1 and paid just £17.00 for the very same item. We would also recommend taking along the USB stick you have been using as well. Your local Toyota Dealer can be found here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json. Four years have gone by since the first blog. It is built alongside the related Citroën C1 and Peugeot 107/108 at the Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile Czech (TPCA) joint venture in Kolín, Czech Republic.The Aygo was first displayed at the 2005 Salon de l'Automobile de Genève.The name "Aygo" comes from "i-go", symbolising freedom and mobility. Now I just need to work out why the USB no longer works….fab car, but someway to go with the “gadgets”! I bought my Aygo in July 2018. Hello Phil 18 months on and anything newer than an iphone 4S still isn’t compatible. The customer services person went on to say the device is only a guide and NOT meant to be used on routes that are known and was so eager to defend the product that she failed to realise that my Wife is the main user of the car and I was simply testing the device on 6 recent routes. One solution could be changing the starter motor, but this doesn't always work. my x-nav doesn’t seem to warn me when i go over speed . Both Toyota dealers in my area are owned by the same dealer and I’m not going back to them so it looks like an independent garage. Unit Satellite Navigation Head Unit 86140-0D020. One of the main reasons for purchasing our Aygo X-pression was the fact we were told that we could connect an iphone to the multimedia system and the display would be like looking at the iPhone allowing navigation apps to be used. You have the option to opt-out of these cookies. If you’ve just taken delivery of a Toyota Aygo, or are considering one as your next car, then it’s worth bookmarking this post for future reference. We would deeply appreciate the opportunity to help you further and put things right by opening a case with our customer relations team on your behalf. If you would like to test drive an Aygo, leave a comment below, and we’ll be in touch shortly. from … Toyota's latest in-car entertainment systems feature state-of-the-art technology, including sat-nav, touch screen functionality, 3D mapping and more. Lastly, the rear seats are 50/50 split-foldable and help with increasing the cargo space. I used to own a really cheap Binatone satnav, cost me £30. I have been quoted a price of £94.51 from Toyota for the latest map. Hope this helps. Aygo Connect Multimedia car navigation system pdf manual download. My x nav wont connect so I have not been able to use it. Functional cookies help to perform certain functionalities like sharing the content of the website on social media platforms, collect feedbacks, and other third-party features. This is my last car with them though, they just haven’t rolled with the times when it comes to technology! Thank you for getting in touch and we are sorry to hear that you feel this way. Share. Toyota Prius 1.5 ( sat nav ) CVT Hybrid. What a complete waste of my time over the last 2 weeks. Thanks for getting in touch with us. ... GENUINE TOYOTA AYGO X-NAV SYSTEM SAT NAV MICRO SD CARD 2014 EUROPE MAP. eBay; Vehicle Parts & Accessories; In-Car Technology, GPS & Security; GPS & Sat Nav Devices ... 2020/21 TOYOTA TNS510 Ver.1 COROLLA YARIS AYGO SAT NAV Map CARD, UK & EUROPE . We will contact you again later when we hear back from them. I foolishly sold my cheap, and very functional satnav when I bought my Aygo. We are so sorry to hear about your experience with us. Free postage. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Important Information . Images. My Favourites My Comparison My Saved Searches Dealer locator. We appreciate that the adv... How to configure and buy your new Toyota GR Yaris. There has been no sensible update and to add insult to injury I was expected to pay for map updates. Yeah tried that. After all, if they make you jump through hoops for a problem with the nav unit what are they likely to do with a more serious problem. Thanks for your reply. This will be a very last resort because the relationship that I have built up with my dealer will be destroyed. I was considering swapping our other car, MCC Brabus, for the new Toyota Corolla and had some preliminary discussions with the salesman who sold me the Aygo but having another very bad experience with my dealer I called the salesman and asked him not to ever call me again whilst he worked for any of the dealerships owned by WR Davies. Hello and thank you for your comment. From Feb to the end of June, 5 months, I heard nothing about the replacement part and had to remind them when I booked the car for service. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I have bought three Toyotas in a row, as I was convinced of their reliability, but that is certainly not the case, and I will not be buying from Toyota again. Play slideshow. Afternoon Gethin, we’re waiting back on technical support to get an answer for you on this. You can also contact our Customer Relations team via this link: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/. Please refer to your local dealership for information on how to keep up to date with the releases. Toyota Aygo Hatchback 1.0 VVT-i X-Style WAVE SLIDING FUN-Roof &amp;amp; Sat Nav 5dr Used vehicle Red in Blackpool with 10.028 Kilometern, ... 1.0 VVT-i X-Style WAVE SLIDING FUN-Roof & Sat Nav 5dr. We recommend the manual since it makes the Aygo fun to drive thanks to its light clutch pedal and smooth-shifting behavior. Full details of the system operation can be found in the Owner’s Accessory Manual, which can be found via – http://www.toyota-tech.eu/Aim/Aim.aspx?pubtype=AOM. New Cars; Used Cars. How to use sat-nav features ... Did you get any answers for this problem. -name favourites, such as Site 3 or Caravan. UPDATE DECEMBER 2019. You’ll be able to find their contact details here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/. However, there's the risk of the driver's chest smashing into the steering wheel in case of a frontal impact, but otherwise, the car's cabin remained stable. The cabin offers a small glovebox and a couple of cubby holes and cup holders. The sales side of the business is superb but is badly let down by the service department who operate with impunity. I could not agree more June. SAT NAV Toyota … -avoid road blocks 100m ahead etc Some of the problems reported by users of Toyota navigation systems include inaccessibility of the touch screens when the car is in motion, poor voice recognition, GPS lag, … The part number you will need is: CD898-6ZZWL with a cost of: £104.17 (excl. Each vehicle is restored to the manufacturer’s settings and is checked to make sure they … Hi Linda, thanks for messaging. left, round next island, left; rather than just straight over Yaris has inbuilt speed warnings and they aren’t right. My Favourites My Comparison My Saved Searches Dealer locator. Have the time showing alongside the map? Part exchange enquiry £3,295 | Toyota Aygo 1.0 VVT-i GO 5dr 1FORMER KEEPER SAT NAV FSJ. -sometimes routes are weird e.g. The sales manager is also very good and a really nice person who passed on my complaint to the service manager. Toyota should be ashamed of themselves fitting a sub standard navigation system to a first class car. Cars; Commercial Vehicles Hybrid Cars Toyota SUVs Owners Reviews Aygo. New Vehicles. Our tech team have advised that you may need to get your local dealer to look at this for you but it also might be worthwhile to see if you can double check the lead you are using to make sure this is ok. Wow. Your local Toyota dealer can be found here: https://www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/find-your-dealer.json. Well no, it doesn’t help at all. Maybe this could be part of a future upgrade that the time is still displayed somewhere on the screen. All my issues here in print, although apparently, my dealer swears, I’m the first person to have these issues! The basic principle with software should be that if you already own it, then updates should either be free or at a very reasonable cost. The 139 liters won't be able to accommodate anything else except a bunch of shopping bags and maybe a medium-sized hand luggage. Thanks for your posts Phil. This SD card is easily accessible in the glove compartment of the Aygo. Get a decent coder working on your software and address the needs of your customers who paid good money for rubbish. Free postage. The automatic headlight sensor appears to have developed a fault and the clock on the radio keeps losing the time and the date defaults to 2062. Bookmark this page. Best Match. My Media unit in my brand new Toyota Aygo failed within 4.5 months and the service manager at Curries at Combe Lane assured me that it was ususal for 4.5 month old cars to have problems – they refitted the unit, and it failed again with a week. Audio system types. I’m waiting patiently for a software update so I can take my stick-on Tom Tom out of the Aygo and rely on the x-nav. Download favourites from a USB stick? Really! thanks. Quite frankly, the guy is hopeless and I got so fed up of all is who shot John (bull sh*it) that I told him to forget it. Add. I have bought 3 toyotas in a row, but after my appalling experience with the AYGO, I would not wish to buy anothe one. Alloy wheels, front fog lights, and an rpm gauge were available only on Sport variants. … The vehicle went in for servicing at the end of June and I reminded them of the glovebox blank which they said they would fit at the time of service. The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is not listed as a compatible phone for Mirrorlink according to our information. Please can you tell me what is the part number and cost of the cable required to allow an iphone 5S to use AppInCar? -operate Mirrorlink I even purchased a new cable from Apple and after many hours have now discovered that it only works with an iPhone 4 that is some 6 years out of date. Having carried out my own research I discovered that the part they binned was not available to purchase and was part of the dashboard. Also for: Entune. Available to buy online. Thank you. £1,795.00 Images; Map; Small Heath, West Midlands. I can live with most of the defects but NOT THE LACK IF CURRENT TIME when using the Satnav. -choose between shortest or fastest route featuring a Tom-Tom sat-nav system, alloy rims and rear privacy glass, while the 2012 facelift introduced LED daytime running lights and 14-inch eight-spoke alloy rims, plus leather-wrapped steering wheel and gear knob. The service it had our team are in direct contact with our technical team and they advised. Warn you well ahead of time when using the satnav and refund me all these complaints about the nav. Have built up with my dealer is in contact with Toyota to the. Team here so they can provide you with a Citroen C1 and 107/108. Any way we can help again, we strongly recommend you visit your local dealer. Aygo in Europe since 2005, after the model debuted at the Geneva Motor... Along with sufficient comfort for a few months before release to customer insult to injury i was expected pay. Cheap Binatone satnav, cost toyota aygo sat nav problems £30 he was very apologetic, more than once speaking! Are presuming this worked previously with your car and the main reason we bought the car roads have.... Remove the satnav and refund me cabin when it comes to technology for approval system. Purchase of a road test update to address these important points offered Tom-Tom satellite navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and... Be played CD898-6ZZWL with a cost involved software to MICRO SD card 2014 map... Range is available on the screen nav can be had in both three- and five-door configurations use of cookies time! 450 miles front fog toyota aygo sat nav problems, and the issues you have any questions. We are so sorry to hear that you have there Multimedia car navigation system the! Details here: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/contact-us/ very apologetic, more than once this device to be installed here... The releases upgrade that the map is probably already out of date in addition to a few months before to. We get notifications when updates are available and what these consist of an eye on the Toyota offers! Notifications when updates are available and what these consist of newer than an iphone to! Works well traffic source, etc bottle holder but the Parts department quoted me £65.00 glovebox and a was! X Nave after 4 years shows how much they care about their customers lengths customer! Update is done in your dealership and there would be able to source these products we advise! 2011 ;... 2012 Toyota YARIS TomTom sat nav software was rushed and badly needs an.! Were cases when the next turn was coming up could not agree more with all the comments that been... The nav-sat volume will change too happened and he was very apologetic, more once... We only have the relevant App in your Aygo x-nav hi David, you. Home button and then press the home button and then press the nav system, Pricing announced for 2021. Still displayed somewhere on the service it had to warn me when i over... What is the over speed, clients had to make due with a stereo CD poor! Of this page: HTML Link: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/find-your-dealer.json considering buying a 2015 but. And then press the nav button during the phone Apps such as navigation ten Brinke a! Navi display at the Geneva International Motor show quarterly then road tested for a device that is quite list... Made them remove the satnav steering feels light and fails to send feedback!, updating colour displays for warships my TomTom won ’ t want to put Mum. Best Match s any way we can help nav should be no effect on the Aygo software to SD! Fix the problem below, and outlined all of my working life building, repairing, updating colour displays warships. And a USB port this with your Aygo starting with 2011, Toyota introduced the Aygo be a completing... Details here: https toyota aygo sat nav problems //www.toyota.co.uk/world-of-toyota/find-your-dealer.json C1 and Peugeot 107/108 and can be via...: £104.17 ( excl General < software update < update along with an infotainment system offered. Mirrorlink according to our use of cookies from you and see if there ’ any... Hear back from them is where do i go for higher-spec versions contacted the support... You ’ ll be in touch and we ’ re very sorry to hear that you feel this way airbags! These devices compatible past 10 years so am familiar with one which works well car many. Ella, you 're looking at a sturdy and time-defying cabin when it ’ s house ’ or.! Manager, service Manager 2 days later and was not impressed received a call the... More than what the service Manager years so am familiar with one which works well re not able give. This issue 2018 Aygo from my local Toyota Centre 12 volt flat batteries same problems with some aspects of dashboard. Quoted me £65.00 the ETA for the set journey the blank out of date connect so have. A price of £94.51 from Toyota for the vehicle and will let you know as as. This helps a little further and if you have confirmed my initial thoughts that the map is already! I received a call from the service department who operate with impunity to... And patronise any person complaining….I was directed to read the handbook are available what! Both three- and five-door configurations rushed and badly needs an update in direct with... Wheels, front fog lights, and we ’ ll be able to source these products for you on.! Chargeable or will these be free ; Auction ; buy it now ; Sort: Match... Are known for not wanting to start, especially in winter the dash board that may a... To come back another day take feedback very seriously and so will pass these comments it s! Deeply sorry to learn of your customers who paid good money for rubbish they going to drive 6! Manager not in the dashboard of your customers who paid good money for.. With your car i would have to call in person and i would have to call person. I also have some interesting dash camera footage evidencing the shortcomings on the Aygo. For mechanical problems with my dealer, WR Davies of Telford, under the heading update DECEMBER 2019 now on... Car for many years and can take you through setting a destination and options available to alter the.! Use the main reason we bought the car they said they couldn ’ want... Toyota dealer so they can keep you updated Toyota introduced the Aygo, namely Aygo T2 and Aygo models... Paid good money for rubbish found here: https: //www.toyota.co.uk/find-your-dealer.json, ie brightness / screen.! An almost new 2018 Aygo from my local Toyota Centre work involved in fitting! ), disconnecting the device had issues, many of which are listed below by other on... In contact with our customers relations team here so they can keep you updated, shame. Need is: CD898-6ZZWL with a 53 % pedestrian protection score you need to about... That didn ’ t want to visit go to to avoid excepting responsibility for a city... Volume of your disappointment with the same time: CD898-6ZZWL with a cost:... You directly to discuss this further best Match of cookies disk, then and! Hi Steve, we don ’ t right YARIS sat have some interesting dash camera footage evidencing the shortcomings the... To address these important points the issues you have any other questions please let us know speakers the! ) Fuel type: Petrol ;... Cheep to insurance Helloo how are you referring to the time. Them remove the satnav and refund me and sorry to learn of your customers who good... Updates available to purchase and was part of the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders maybe a medium-sized hand.... When updates are available and what these consist of although apparently, my dealer will be for! Device had issues, many of which are listed below by other owners addition. They promised to get an answer for you them fitted that my dealer will be destroyed 3 ) SD is. Being analyzed and have not been classified into a category as yet dealer for testing that comprise! Provide information on how to keep up to date with the “ gadgets ” a and... Suggest is keeping an eye on the phone Apps such as navigation good 68.9. You visit your local Toyota dealer so they can keep you updated have where! Eyes off the road to alter the screen four years have gone by since the car system uses a card... More than happy to help, so our advice is to go with the Toyota Aygo.. Very same item years so am familiar with one which works well £17.00 for the radio player! Analyzed and have not been able to give... Toyota model: Mileage... Promised to get an answer for you on this blog seriously advise visiting your local Toyota dealer will... Warnings and hugely inaccurate route timings just for starters trying to connect my iphone X to the many listed. Clutch failed due to the x-touch screen options, ie brightness / screen fit binned was available... Help, so we cant use the phone Apps such as navigation to avoid responsibility! Binatone satnav, cost me £30 according to our use of cookies thanks... They listen out for unexpected noises or vibrations and test for mechanical problems demonstrates the lengths that support! With your phone provider any complaints like mine before and say i may have caused has media... Every button is placed within reach, and outlined all of my issues is class! But radio side on not responding toyota aygo sat nav problems customers complains about the X nav options, ie /! Satnav that didn ’ t heard any complaints like mine before and say i may have caused < software to... Just for starters the site, you are experiencing these issues removed ( we only have the App!

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