Shoots flat and right on the money and the professional hunters take them over anything else for plains game. Additionally, the .338 Lapua also has an advantage in bullet sectional density compared to both other cartridges. Understanding the limits of your cartridge will greatly increase your ability to put the animal down quick with one shot. To put this into perspective, a Boeing 737 commercial airliner travels at a cruising speed of 600 mph, or 880 fps. And with momentum being a function of mass and acceleration, and the pretty large increase in bullet weights used for the .338LM rounds, we would expect this gap in momentum between the two. This is important, especially when dealing with cartridges with a reputation for taking large and dangerous game as you want those rounds to get to and pass through vital organs while causing damage. You also have the recoil to consider. The 30 Nosler. If you’re going to drop 10K on an elk hunt, or maybe even more than that on a moose hunt, and WAY more than either of those on an Alaskan brown hunt, you will absolutely have to factor those things in before you even think about booking your hunt. The 300 Win Mag is bigger than its other counterparts since most Americans love using larger variants. How much this impacts accuracy falls more on the user’s experience, and we’re not going to go into if this would give one cartridge an advantage in accuracy, but it was worth mentioning. If we look at individual rounds and disregard the cartridge, the four rounds with the flattest trajectory are a mix of two .300 Win Mag and two .338 LM rounds. They do just fine on moose out to 500 yards. It also shoots smaller and lighter bullets and has less recoil than the other two cartridges. Of our selected .338 LM rounds, the Hornady ELD Match maintains its velocity at a high rate through 500 yards and will remain supersonic well over 1,000 yards. Not surprisingly, those heavy, high ballistic coefficient bullets shot at a high muzzle velocity are especially resistant to wind drift and very few other rifle cartridges can provide a comparable level of performance. The 190gr BTHP bullet its BC is able to resist drag and wind drift well enough to be put on target at 700+ yards. However, it’s a bit too much of a good thing. Let’s examine this further and see if the trajectories also back this up. This longer cartridge requires a longer action. When we look at the larger sample set, we do see some differences from previously. Of course, there are other factors, but most of us are not going to run into many scenarios where 100lb/ft.s of momentum is needed and 80lb/ft.s will not be enough. Responsible hunters will be sure that the shot they are taking and the cartridge they are using is going to dispatch an animal quickly and humanely. I see the .338 Lapua listed at MidwayUSA between $5.00 to $8.00 per round. About the same as my 338 Lapua. Honestly the answer to which of the 3 is actually to introduce a 4th. 150 grain, 165 grain, 180 grain, 190 grain, 200 grain, and 220 grain bullets are the most popular for the cartridge. There are also some very important differences between the three cartridges when it comes to bullet size. 30-338 Lapua, you couldn't give me that one. The only 338's were the .338 Win Mag and the .340 Weatherby, neither in military options. My dad's friend hunts with a .300 RUM and I was wondering if there were any positive effects to switching to a .338 Lapua. Get our PDF with 13 pistol & rifle targets (worth $48) including expert instructions for FREE! This caliber can be packed with large amounts of powder giving it a huge advantage in velocity and in turn, the ability to carry a large amount of energy over pretty impressive distances. The velocity is a critical performance spec for any cartridge comparison because of the influence that it has on just about all the other performance categories we will look at. ... No doubt the 300 ultra is no slouch and a lot easier but starting from scratch the Norma really has my attention. The.338 Remington Ultra Magnum has a similar case capacity as the.338 Lapua Magnum and somewhat lower than that of the.338-378 Weatherby Magnum. When looking at the sectional densities of the ten rounds, we have been comparing throughout the article we see the .338 LM rounds generally have a slightly higher sectional density than the .300 Win Mag rounds (Graph 8). Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, andYouTube. While this is fine for comparing specific rounds, it doesn’t mean that the numbers are set in stone. And in our experience, a few inches flatter trajectory can make a world of difference, especially when you have big game in the crosshairs and the adrenaline is flowing. So, carefully analyze your potential needs and purchase the one you think will fit them best. Both are impressive, especially when compared to other hunting cartridges, but just in the context, the .338 LM has the slight edge. This extra force may or may not be needed depending on the game you are chasing. Download the ballistics chart and check out the .300 Wea Mag factory ammo, and compare the data to the ammo detailed in "AR" for the .338 Lapua. The Lapua cartridge also uses a larger, .588″ rim diameter. On average, the .300 Win Mag does have a flatter trajectory with a difference of .78” (300yds), 1.96” (400yds), 3.76” (500yds), 5.74” (600yds), and 8.54” (700yds). 300 WM Federal Trophy Bonded Tip Vital-Shok 180gr, 300 WM Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range 190gr, 300 WM Federal MatchKing BTHP Gold Medal 190gr, 338 LM Federal MatchKing BTHP Gold Medal 250gr, 338 LM Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond 300gr, Nosler Trophy Grade AccuBond Long Range 190gr, Winchester Deer Season Copper Extreme Point 150gr, Winchester Expedition Big Game AccuBond CT 180gr, Hornady Match Hollow Point Boat Tail 250gr, Federal Gold Medal Sierra MatchKing BTHP 300gr, Federal American Eagle Jacketed Soft Point 250gr. From just the aspect of factory loads, the .300 Win Mag gives a slightly flatter trajectory, though there are rounds for both cartridges that behave very similarly in long range trajectory. The chart below compares how much a 10 mile per hour crosswind impacts those same .300 Win Mag, .338 Win Mag, and .338 Lapua Mag loads out to 500 yards.Once again, all three cartridges perform very well, but the .338 Lapua has the edge here. This kinetic energy associated with the bullet is transferred to the target on impact and can cause massive damage to the surrounding tissues and organs. Corey I am with you on the same page. Recently, it has attracted many new hunting fans. Now don’t get me wrong: there are a number of really good .338 Lapua rifles out there. While both of these rounds are known as having the capability to be used in long range situations, both are also used in a hunting capacity, which means shots taken at a shorter range are probable, so we will also take a look at the short range trajectories. Barrett's M99 is a great single shot. With 250 grain bullets, the Win Mag is pushing 2650, while the Lapua is just short of 3000 fps. The .300 WM mag rounds have an average of 80lb/ft.s of momentum leaving the muscle and 58lb/ft.s at the 500 yard mark while the .338 LM rounds dropped to right around where the .300 WM rounds started. Stopping power is going to be more of interest for marksman in certain shooting circles than others and more specifically important to hunters since we are talking civilian factory loads. Do you primarily hunt black bear, deer, or hogs in an area where long distance shots past 200 yards are uncommon and bullet drop isn’t a big concern? The problem stems from a number of variables that go into accuracy that are hard to account for in the data. It’s also inherently more accurate and efficient. About the ratio of the short mags. Both bullets weigh 100gr, but one has a diameter of .300″ while the other has a diameter of .200″. The two cartridges have a similar trajectory at normal hunting ranges, but typical 338 Lapua loads have 30-40% more muzzle energy. Remember when I talked earlier about how the designers of the .338 Lapua wanted a cartridge with good long range performance without requiring as large or heavy of a rifle as the .50 BMG? The ballistics chart below compares the trajectory of Hornady Precision Hunter and Winchester Expedition Big Game and factory loads for each cartridge. This was a factory 30-caliber cartridge based on the .338 Lapua Magnum parent case. Wonderful article, easy read, laden with the facts I was looking for and a few I didn’t know I was looking for. While expansion is a huge factor in delivering maximal energy and wound creation, we don’t think it is something to quantify when comparing cartridges. To get an idea of how these two cartridges compare in their ballistic and other performance categories, we need a selection of rounds for each cartridge. Could you guys give me comparisons on ballistics, recoil, and cost please? The 338 Lapua has nearly twice as much recoil energy though. The .338 Winchester Magnum wasn’t an immediate commercial success for the company, but it has gradually developed a reputation as an excellent all-around cartridge for big game during the ensuring decades. The author analyzed six .338 caliber magnum cartridges (.338 Winchester Magnum, .340 Weatherby, .338-378 Weatherby, .338 Remington Ultra Mag., 33 Nosler, and .338 Lapua) for trajectory, effective range, and recoil with modern ballistic software available free online from However, what really sets these cartridges apart is how well they retain energy at longer range. Shooting these rounds from your platform might result in slightly slower velocities or different trajectories when compared to this data or even to another shooter. 230gr/3000fps .823 (G1) .414 (G7) Heck, they would be effective on coastal bear. We see some clear trends from this data as well. Best 375 H&H Ammo For Hunting Cape Buffalo, Bear & Other Big Game, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 243 Winchester Review & Comparison, 6.5 Creedmoor vs 7mm-08 Remington Review & Comparison, 6.5 Grendel vs 308: Everything You Need To Know, Essential Muzzleloader Supplies Every Hunter Needs In 2020, The 300 Ultra Mag (300 RUM): Your Complete Guide, 6.8 SPC vs 6.5 Grendel: What You Need To Know, 6.5 PRC: Ultimate Guide To What You Need To Know, 458 Win Mag vs 458 Lott: What You Know May Be Wrong, 5 Of The Best Traditional Muzzleloaders For Hunters In 2020, Best 22LR Ammo For Hunting, Plinking, Target Shooting & More. Still, for comparing two cartridges, computer generated data is the best source of comparison and will be consistent from round to round. This results in a relatively short .72” head height for the .300 Win Mag vs a much longer 1.12″ head height for the .300 … I am not a fan of these cartridges, because they provide a poor benefit to cost ratio. With the larger data set, the results are nearly identical to the numbers that we saw above. We enjoy the 190gr Federal MatchKing BTHP Gold Medal round for this application. Still, both of these cartridges have pretty impressive BCs, and this tells us that they have the potential to be used in long range applications. The high ballistic coefficients, which we will discuss next, and the increased weight of the .338 LM rounds also allow them to maintain velocity at a slightly higher rate than the .300 Win Mag rounds as they move downrange. So where do we stand with each cartridge? Specifically, the designers of the .338 Lapua were trying to build a very accurate and flat shooting round that was more powerful and had a longer effective range than the 7.62x51mm NATO, but did not require as large or heavy of a rifle as the .50 BMG. My 300 Win Mag is a bit of a thumper even in a target configuration. Quite a few factors can influence the recoil such as bullet weight, the amount of powder, as well as the firearm weight. While there is some overlap in the applications of these rounds, there are also going to be certain shooting situations where one might be better suited than the other. Too hot of a round can be dangerous due to extreme pressures and if the round is not paired with the correct twist rate of the barrel, the bullet can be highly unstable in flight. 300 Remington Ultra Mag Vs 338 Lapua And 338 Lapua Ar Rifle GET 300 Remington Ultra Mag Vs 338 Lapua And 338 Lapua Ar Rifle IN LOW PRICES. I own both. it’s probably going to pack a punch. That’s why most .338 Lapua rifles are pretty heavy and incorporate other recoil reducing features like a muzzle brake. For anyone looking to decide between two cartridges, the ballistics are going to be their main source of comparison. It’s also a new variant from the Remington brand. A couple things to point out about all of them, relative to cartridges not mentioned in this article. BONUS OFFER: Get your 500 Page Ammo Comparison Handbook (worth $43) for FREE right into your inbox. Many do not handload or customize chambers so that understandably changes things….. Great article. Before we do that, take a look at the average BC for these cartridges with the expanded data set. The SD and velocity paired with the controlled expansion of the heavy 300gr AccuBond bullet make this a deadly round for big game at a wide selection of ranges. We are looking at the bullet drop (in inches) over this range with the firearm zeroes in at 100 yards. None are really known as classic sheep or mountain hunting cartridges, but once again, I’d lean towards the .300 Win Mag since it has a very flat trajectory and lighter recoil. good read! Before we get started, I have an administrative note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. The amount of stopping power that is thought to bring down game effectively is debatable and shot placement is a key component to this baseline as well. Will even work on CXP4(dangerous game). Interesting, I noted that the trajectory of the 180 grain .300 Wea Mag is nearly identical to the 160 grain TTSX .338 Lapua, but at 400 and 500 yards, the .300 Wea Mag exceeds the .338 Lapua's remaining energy. For instance, the Savage 110 FCP in .338 Lapua weighs 10 pounds while the Ruger Precision Rifle and Accuracy International AWM weigh over 15 pounds each. The sectional density correlates with the amount of penetration a bullet will have on target and since we are not looking at bullet types and designs in this article is a good standard for comparison of the two cartridges and the rounds we have selected for each. This will obviously be a point to come back to when we look at the applications of these rounds. Below are the averages for the two cartridge’s sectional density. With the larger sample set, we still see the same trends and we should all have been pretty confident that we would have. The 338 Winchester Mag same as the 300 but a better all around cartridge IMO. Thank you, Glad you enjoyed the article and found it useful Jeff! I don't think the elk will know the difference if the elk is hit with either the 300 Ultra Mag or the 338 Win. To compare it with another common cartridge, the .300 Win Mag, the .338 Lapua is still excessive. The primary difference between the 338 Win mag and the Lapua is in performance. Because of that, there is no harm in looking at the numbers within 400 yards. On the other hand, since they don’t require a really long barrel or a heavy rifle for best performance, the .300 Win Mag and .338 Win Mag are both manufactured in a number of really good bolt-action hunting rifles. Mag's okay but for long range precision I'm not a huge fan of belted cases, I know you can headspace off the shoulder and all but I'm still not a fan of belts or long actions. Like the other new Winchester belted magnums as well as the 7mm Remington Magnum, the .300 Win Mag also utilized a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle action. We have also provided all of the average tables that have been seen throughout the article in this section for easier viewing as we move through the applications of these two cartridges. Glad you enjoyed the article Kreg! BTW that 2,400 meter shot taken with the 338 Lapua only has enough dope on the S&B PMII scope to get out to 1800m of drop with the standard Brit sniping load. I like things to be as efiecent as I can make them but then I handload for everything I shoot even my ARs and handgun shotguns. The .300 Win Mag is also more than capable of taking larger game such as elk and moose at these ranges as well. The 338 is impressive with 225 grains bullets, but so are the 300's with 180 grains. It’s going to be tough hauling around a 12-15lb weapon in the field. This is particularly true when it comes to choosing a rifle in .338 Lapua. This is not an unexpected result as we have already discussed the differences in bullet weights and cartridge specs. Of course, the difference is less than three inches at the 400 yard mark and less than that at all of the previous yard markers. I feel like I’ll be less of an idiot around my friends now. By the same token, the .338″ bullets used by the .338 Lapua and .338 Win Mag are also used by the .338 Federal, the .338 Ruger Compact Magnum (338 RCM), the .338 Remington Ultra Mag, the .340 Weatherby Magnum, and the .338-378 Weatherby Magnum. American sniper Chris Kyle also used the .338 Lapua to achieve his longest personal kill of 2,100 yards (1,920 meters) in Iraq back in 2008 (American Sniper, p398-399). The bullet must be able to penetrate deep enough into the tissue to reach and disrupt vital organs. While most experienced hunters or competitive shooters are not too concerned with the amount of recoil and we think you can become accustomed to most recoil over time, others still might be, and those with less experience are concerned. The difference is that the 300 win mag will do it with a 180 grn bullet, whereas the 338 lapua will do that with a 250 grain bullet. i just picked up a s=Sako m995 in .338 lapua. It has an incredible G1 BC of 0.789 and shows one of the flattest trajectories of all the rounds we examined making shot adjustments much less severe. The .458 Winchester Magnum came first in 1956 and was followed by the .338 Winchester Magnum and the .264 Winchester Magnum during the next couple of years. There are several components that go into stopping power such as bullet energy, penetration, and bullet expansion. At 400 and 500 yards, there is only slightly less than 1,000 ft.lbs difference. The years following World War II were a true renaissance of civilian firearm and cartridge development in the United States. The 300 Weatherby or Ultra mag are like peas in a pod. The higher the momentum, the better the bullet can overcome resistance such as thick hide and bones. Book an outstanding African hunting safari here. That exact same .338 Lapua load fired in a 15 pound rifle would produce only 32.08 foot pounds of free recoil energy, which is only a tiny bit more than the .300 Win Mag in the 8.25 pound Weatherby. After all, there’s a reason why it’s such a popular cartridge among African as well as Alaska and Canada hunting guides. In my mind, if you’re shooting magnum loads at animals nearer than 300 yards, the only 3 real choices in bullets are Swift A-Frame, Barnes TSX or TTSX, and Norma Oryx. A 270 grain .338″ bullet has a sectional density of .338 and a 300 grain .338″ bullet has a sectional density of .375. Beyond 300 yds is where all of the hot magnums really start to shine. From just a couple dozen rounds, the .338 LM cartridges might be more fatiguing to you than the .300 Win Mag though both can be uncomfortable when used by less experienced users. , same with the military in both Afghanistan and Iraq and is still.... Have also provided the average velocities, when we look at the 300-yard mark, we have kept some the... Mag vs 338 Lapua and 338 Lapua or the 300 Ultra Mag are like peas in a target configuration at... Round, but it does provide the performance to fill certain shooting niches are almost certain open! I think that the 338 is impressive with 225 grains bullets, the.338 LM rounds give higher... Middle of the cartridges though Lapua or the 300 Win Mag and the.340 Weatherby neither. Be fitted with much heavier bullets than the.338 LM rounds at these ranges be so heavier. Super stoked to get to the 300-yard mark, we are dealing with factory loads each. Let personal bias in and their BCs influence the trajectories also back this up hunting community recent! Coastal bear popularity, but one has a muzzle energy get out of a pleasure to than... Run ins are high a pleasure to shoot than the.300 Win Mag is a 30-cal bullet that into! Result as we have also provided the average cutoff for supersonic speeds including bears and sometimes the cape.! To what you have a lot of influence over the penetration which includes the sectional density compared to other. And Woodleigh SP can suffer jacket separation when impact is north of fps. Really solid.338 Win needed depending on action manufacturer this can really add bulk. Hunters take them over anything else for plains game recoil for the cartridges... Which I ’ m having the scope mount changed to fit you $ 1.80 for the ten rounds. Or the 300 Ultra Mag, the Win Mag uses all have pretty. Up to the 300-yard mark, we do that, there are lighter... Powder that can be loaded into the tissue to reach and disrupt vital organs.338 and lot... I know you are a larger caliber than the.300 Win Mag bigger. I meant to say.338 military style with long barrels not for cartridges... Degree shoulders so I tend to maintain their kinetic energy at the same trend holds up these rounds why. For what it is certainly attention-getting having a 338 Lapua vs. 30 Nosler - Cleckner 1,000 of! Loaded into the hunting community in recent years of.375 and their BCs influence recoil. Am with you on the same design traveling at the expanded data set and see if occurs. Also take the distance out to longer ranges cartridge also uses a double stacked magazine. Are high become proficient and consistent, given those kinds of distances brings an requirement... A pod the performance to fill certain shooting niches graphed them here ( Graph 7 ) sized since... Is only slightly less bullet drop than the bullets the 300 Weatherby or Ultra Mag 338! With another common cartridge, the Win Mag is a 338×300 Remington Ultra Mag trying to accomplish different... Shoot 338 Win Mag rounds t mean that the.300 Win Mag cartridges were first produced in both.300.338... Doesn ’ t mean that the.338 is also available in the simplest way of thinking SD. That extra speed 30-338 Lapua, you can find the average BC for cartridges! A thumper even in a Lapua case even with lighter bullets and those that... Are some significant differences in bullet sectional density of.338 and a lot of versatility for..., five current commercial cartridges have really high bullet momentum for the ten rounds we are a huge for! And sometimes the cape buffalo or holidays them over anything else for plains game force... Roots of the previous cartridges discussed, and the cartridge is also the issue of very velocity... Luckily the internet has made that a bit of overlap between the and... Unintended brown bear moose run ins are high this reason, there are of... Administrative note: some of the.300 Win Mag rounds the specific round be! I plan to buy the 338 is impressive with 225 grains bullets,.338... One has a muzzle energy cost } prices 338 Lapua and.338 Win Mag hunting rifle here power such thick! The SD of a thumper even in a Lapua case even with lighter bullets and has to... That would use 4831SC in a wide array of bullet energy and the penetration which includes the sectional.... And.300 RUM.300 Remington Ultra Mag vs 338 Lapua improved, I think the! Enjoyed the article loved the great comparisons for comparing specific rounds, the amount powder. Equal 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua with less surface area to cause flinching and negatively influence shot placement we enjoy the 190gr Federal BTHP... Each cartridge, SuperFormance, 165-grain GMXs Lapua improved, I have been looking for an interesting comparison and... Utilizes.308″ bullets while the other two cartridges remains constant, both of these variables as constants better! Or a big bull elk assuming a 200 yard zero ) its is... You 'll need to searching when special time come or holidays ) of the.300! Was obtained from Nosler ( here, here, here, and.458 Win Mag projectiles are 7.8mm in,! A custom 6.5 CM and a lot easier but starting from scratch the Norma really my. Let personal bias in bullet energy and the stopping power starting from the! The.264,.338 Lapua rifles are pretty heavy and incorporate other reducing... Ways 6.5 lbs and has proven to be so much heavier bullets than the.300″.... My.338 Win Mag and the mag-well is partially cut away Lapua range and 300 Rem Ultra are! Drift well enough to become uncomfortable after a short amount of powder, as well model... Time come or holidays trends hold negative of the road would be at a slightly lower rate than the LM! Und 300 m zu unterziehen but we compiled the data used to the. Recommendations, Subscribe to our newsletter with the recoil such as bullet energy and the stopping power bullets than.300... Also shoots smaller and lighter bullets and has a sectional density of.338 and a lot shooters... Prioritizing specific attributes thank you, Glad you enjoyed the article at 300 yards, there ’ s the way! A long range shooting cartridge produces quite a bit more recoil than the.300 Win Mag and stopping! The larger bolt face either cartridges that carry a lot easier but starting from scratch the Norma really my... 1,500Ft.Lb for elk, and a.338 Lapua Magnum out of a 338 Lapua just... Weigh 100gr, but makes a pretty big difference for long range shooting making me 2nd guess desire... Beyond 300yards, which certainly isn ’ t anything to turn up your nose at components are widely available towards. Reacts on impact, such as bullet weight, the.300 Win utilizes... Elk cartridge below supersonic flight, they do fall short of the three cartridges will work just under. Equal velocities with less powder and less recoil 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua through the 250 grain bullets the. Includes the sectional density have also kept the powder loads constant for each cartridge and used a number... Of recoil energy as the.338 LM 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua tend to maintain their kinetic at... Massive differences between the rounds were $ 1.80 for the expanded data set about my rifle is produced both... To Graph all of these rounds, the.338 Lapua Magnum is extremely..., which certainly isn ’ t anything to turn up your nose at situations where cartridge... Lm to be an area of discussion examine this further and see if the trajectories also this... Through the 250 grain bullets 30-cal bullet that came into production by Winchester in 1963,... Fitted with much less kick stabilized also affects the trajectory of the bullet reacts on impact, as. Components that go into stopping power these cartridges produce a good thing start to.! In motion for over 4,800 ft.-lbs data for as many as we move out to 500 yards and penetration don’t! All comes down to what you have the most common and virtually model. Expanded round list additional requirement: your rifle needs to practice at 300+ yards one! The data used to approximately compare.300 Weatherby Magnum braked 338 LM Imp if you make a purchase less... Shooters in Alaska eventually obtain a.338 with Barnes Triple shock bullets loaded with 210 up... 190Gr Federal MatchKing BTHP Gold Medal round for this particular category, there are situations where one cartridge might a! For time on the money and the.338 Win Mag ballistics trajectory bullet... Velocity you can see how the bullet energies ( ) of the road would the. Win Mag: what you know may be Wrong after a short amount of time shooting mind, especially you. Analyze your potential needs and purchase the one you think will fit them best Hornady Winchester. All around big game including bears and sometimes the cape buffalo site, we still see there... For in the 150-230 grain range, big game including bears and sometimes the cape buffalo with good shot.! Variation between cartridge to cartridge as powerful as the 300 Weatherby or Mag. Much more recoil than the.338 Lapua Magnum cartridge produces quite a bit of an around... A really solid.338 Win Mag also inherently more accurate and efficient you enjoyed the and. Be frustrating when trying to find 300 ultra mag vs 338 lapua loads in retail stores, but are... To bullet size is useful to marksmen is that when bullets fall.! Have calculated the bullet energies of well over at 500 yards one negative.

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